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User blog:ToaMeiko/Open Beta - What to expect

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Hello everybody!

I'm proud to announce that on November 1st, Brickimedia will open its doors to a public beta testing period! What this means is that all Brickimedia projects will be opened so that all pages are publicly viewable, and contributing will be enabled for anyone. The closed beta period that has taken place over the past month has been very successful, but an important thing to understand is that there is still much work that needs to be done. You can create your account here.

While the projects will be publicly opened, this is still a beta period. This means that any feature on the site is subject to change. You will see changes take place over the next few months of closed beta, so be prepared to adjust to any new features, or expect that some features may not work as they will at the time of Release.

Keep in mind several features are still in development, and some things may not work properly. As this is a beta, it is very important for you, the public beta testers, to report any issues to us so they can be worked out. For information on reporting issues, links can be found at the page respectively titled "Issues". At Brickimedia, we use GitHub to file issue reports. It is a simple process, but if there are any complications preventing you from reporting issues on GitHub, you may leave a message on a system administrator's user talk page. If you see an issue of any sort, don't hold back from reporting it! All reports are important to the development team, so your feedback is always helpful. You may use the same location for reporting issues to add suggestions or ask questions.

If you need any assistance during the open beta period, don't be afraid to ask questions! Documentation pages will be found on Brickimedia Meta if you need to look for information about any particular features of the site.

You can stay up to date regarding Brickimedia coordination here on Brickimedia Meta. For information on our current planned release schedule, please see the page titled "Release Schedule".

If any user needs their appropriate user rights locally on a wiki, please contact me and time over the course of the next few months.

Local administrators: If you would like content imported to your wiki to allow users a realistic testing environment, please let a system administrator know! If you need any particular wiki features disabled or enabled, feel free to request such things to a sysadmin.

Thanks to everyone for helping out the Brickimedia network through this beta period!

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