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Hi, I'm ToaMeiko, but some may refer to me as Toa, Meiko, or George. I'm a system administrator for Brickimedia. I operate MeikoBot , a global bot on the Brickimedia network. I have been a Brickimedian since January 2013. My "home wiki" here on Brickimedia is the English Brickipedia, where I have held adminship since September 2013.

Outside of Brickimedia, my work can be found on sites such as Brickset, Eurobricks, the English Wikipedia,, and BZPower. At Brickset, I work as a database administrator and a news reporter since November 2013. At Wikipedia, I hold rollback rights and am active in reverting vandalism. On, I hold 'editor' rights, where I check and review revisions to articles and codes. On BZPower, I hold the status of "Premier Outstanding BZPower Citizen". I have experience in web design and development and various locations, as well as in administration and coordination of projects.




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