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Small Wiki Administrators are users who hold typical administrator rights on any small wiki. Small Wiki Adminship can be requested, and is elected by the Board.


Small Wiki Administrators are tasked with performing maintenance tasks on Brickimedia's small wikis. These tasks include deleting spam and vandalism, blocking troublesome users, and enforcing Brickimedia's Terms of Use. The small wiki administrator rights are not to be used to assert power in small communities or demonstrate superiority over users of small wikis.


To be eligible for small wiki adminship, you must meet the below requirements:

  • Must be a Brickimedian for at least 3 months
  • Must be able to demonstrate experience in wiki maintenance and community development
  • Must not be blocked on any small wikis

Other points points that are looked for in small wiki administrators but are not required are:

  • Experience in countervandalism
  • Adminship on other Brickimedia projects
  • No block history on any wikis
  • Ability to understand more than one language
  • Activity on multiple projects

Requesting process[edit]

To put in a request for small wiki adminship, you can put in a request on the request page. On the request page, you will copy the template and edit it to reflect your request. Your request will be voted on by both Board members and community members, who will state their support or oppositions on your request, or leave a comment. Requests usually last around 1 week before being archived.

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