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MediaWikiChat (sometimes shortened MWC) is a MediaWiki extension used on Brickimedia, developed primarily by UltrasonicNXT . The extension offers a real-time chatroom for wiki contributors to use. The MediaWikiChat extension creates the special page "Special:Chat".


MediaWikiChat supports four API actions.

  • action=chatgetnew – Receives new chat messages
  • action=chatsend&message=message – Sends a message, where message=message contains the text for a chat message.
  • action=chatsendpm&id=0&message=message – Sends a private message, where id=0 is the used ID of the user the PM is to be sent to, and message=message is the text of the private message.
  • action=chatkick&id=0 – Kicks a user from chat, where id=0 is the user ID of the user to be kicked.

Ping symbols[edit]

  • + - Someone has just left or joined the chat.
  •  ! - Someone mentioned your username.
  • > - Someone private messaged you.
  • * - Someone said something in the main public chat window.

User groups[edit]

MediaWikiChat implements two new user groups into MediaWiki: chatmod and blockedfromchat. Both rights must be given through Special:UserRights.

Chat Moderator[edit]

Chat Moderators are able to be identified with their gold icon to the right of their name in chat. Chat Moderators can block and kick people in chat.


Users in this group are unable to join chat. This group is automatically given to users blocked by a Chat Moderator or Administrator. They will be displayed the text shown at MediaWiki:BlockedFromChat when attempting to join.

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