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Logs are special pages that will log special actions, such as protecting pages and deleting pages. You can select the log type, the user name (case-sensitive except for the first letter) of the acting user, and/or the affected page (full name required, case-sensitive except for the first letter). All logs can be seen at Special:Logs with some exceptions, or they can be categorised into certain log actions.

- Logs changes made to the abuse filters (these are automated filters that work to try and prevent vandalism).
- Logs all uploads of avatars made by users
- Logs all blocks made on this wiki, to users
- Logs all messages in public chat
- Logs of all CheckUser actions. This log is only visible to users with the CheckUser right.
- Logs all blog comments
- Logs all deletions of pages and files
- Logs WikiForum events, such as forum creation or comments on forums.
- Logs of global blocks made and removed from this wiki (these are blocks that affect users no matter what Brickimedia project they are on). 
- Logs changes to global rights (these are rights, such as Administrator, that apply on all Brickimedia projects).
- Logs all imports of pages with edit histories
- Logs all changes made to the Interwiki table.
- Logs all merges of one page's history into another
- Logs all page moves and renames
- Logs all patrolled revisions (these are edits by patrollers and administrators that are marked as patrols, as well as edits by non-patroller or administrator users that have been marked as patrolled).
- Logs all page protections (when an Administrator blocks a page being edited by some groups of users).
- Logs all thanks actions in Echo. 
- Logs all uploads of files and images
- Logs user creations
- Logs user merge actions 
- Logs all SocialProfile edits
- Logs all user renames
- Logs changes made to local user rights

Reading log entries[edit]

The default syntax for a log entry in Special:Logs will usually look like this.

  • □ hh:mm, Day Month Year User (Talk| contribs | block) action "Page" (summary)
    • - A box that can be checked to show or hide selected log entries.
    • hh:mm - Shows the time of the log entry in 24 hour format (h represents hour while m represents minute)
    • Day Month Year Shows the date of the log entry by day, month, and then year.
    • User - Shows the specific user inputting the log entry
    • Talk - Links to the talk page of the user
    • contribs - Links to the contributions of the user
    • block - Links to the Special:Block page of the user for sysops to block the user if needed
    • action - Shows what type of activity is being done by the user (ex: A user might be commenting and thus the log entry is a comment log type)
    • "Page" - Shows what page has been changed by a user
    • (summary) - Shows summary if edit filled in the summary

Short URL for logs[edit]

  • Abuse filter log - [[Special:Log/abusefilter]]
  • Avatar upload log - [[Special:Log/avatar]]
  • Block log - [[Special:Log/block]]
  • Chat log - [[Special:Log/chat]]
  • CheckUser log - [[Special:CheckUserLog]]
  • Comments log - [[Special:Log/comments]]
  • Deletion log - [[Special:Log/delete]]
  • Forum log - [[Special:Log/forum]]
  • Global block log - [[Special:Log/gblblock]]
  • Global rights log - [[Special:Log/gblrights]]
  • Interwiki table log - [[Special:Log/interwiki]]
  • Import Log - [[Special:Log/import]]
  • Merge log - [[Special:Log/merge]]
  • Move log - [[Special:Log/move]]
  • Patrol log - [[Special:Log/patrol]]
  • Protection log - [[Special:Log/protect]]
  • Upload log - [[Special:Log/upload]]
  • User creation log - [[Special:Log/newusers]]
  • User merge log - [[Special:Log/usermerge]]
  • User profile edit log - [[Special:Log/profile]]
  • User rights log - [[Special:Log/rights]]