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This wiki feature or extension is no longer maintained
The feature or extension outlined on this article is no longer maintained by its developer or the Brickimedia System Administrators. It is likely to have many bugs, and isn't guaranteed to be stable. If you would like to maintain it yourself, ask to do so on the talk page.

Custard is a skin available on Brickimedia. It is currently under development.

The following text is directly taken from the Brickimedia GitHub, where the Custard MediaWiki skin for Brickimedia is managed codewise.

What is Custard?[edit]

Custard is a wiki skin designed exclusively for Brickimedia, aiming to make the wiki experience as simple, clean, and streamlined as possible. It is visually similar to the style of Windows 8 apps.

Why is it called that?[edit]

The name needed to reflect the style and feel of the concept, and the best way to do that seemed to be to choose something that was very smooth and creamy.

Who is making the skin?[edit]

Development of the skin is headed by maestro35 (more commonly known as ShermanTheMythran), but feedback from others is always welcome!

How can I view the skin?[edit]

Currently, it is whitelisted (only a select few can see it), because it is generally unstable; however, it will open to a closed beta group in the near future, in which stage it will remain until it is ready for release. Stay tuned to find out how to apply for closed beta!

What makes it so special?[edit]

Custard is being designed to feel like a contained system, meaning it will seem like an app unto itself. As conceptualized, the interface will be minimalistic, navigation will be efficient, and you will be able to access anything from anywhere at any time.

When will I be able to see it?[edit]

There are currently no set dates for stages of development, but you can keep tabs on the To Do list. Major updates will also be posted here.

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