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Brickimedians can use IRC (Internet Relay Chat) to communicate and receive support regarding the Brickimedia network or platform. Brickimedia's official IRC channel is provided by Freenode.


Below are the official Brickimedia IRC channels, all on the Freenode network:

Recent changes feeds[edit]

UDP ports
en.brickimedia 51664
meta.brickimedia 51665

The following channels are live recent changes feeds for individual wikis:


The following table lists users who use nicknames on IRC that don't match their Brickimedia usernames, and their cloak if they have one.

IRC Nickname(s)

Brickimedia Username


ajr, caek Ajraddatz wikimedia/countervandalism.Ajraddatz
ashley Jack Phoenix MediaWiki/Jack-Phoenix
kingcjc, cjc CJC95
georgebarnick, Meiko ToaMeiko wikimedia/countervandalism.GeorgeBarnick
Obadiah Obi the LEGO Fan wikia/vstf/Obi-the-LEGO-Fan
Killian, alpha S countervandalism/r3kt

Web IRC[edit]

If you are unable to download an IRC client, you can use this this web-based IRC client:

IRC chat

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