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Brickimedia, also known as the Brickimedia Association, is an unregistered non-profit organization which supports various community-driven projects dedicated to LEGO products. Brickimedia was founded in February 2013, and officially launched in February 2014.


The Brickimedia Association is divided into three sub-groups, each one responsible for the operation of part of the site.</translate>

Responsible for supporting the projects which it hosts.

The board determines global policy across the Brickimedia network
The board is elected once per year, with each community gaining some representation on the board. See Board for more information.


The financial department handles the costs of hosting as well as financially supporting the communities which Brickimedia hosts. It collects revenue from the ads around the network, and provides yearly reports on the financial condition of Brickimedia.

System Administrators
System administrators manage the back-end of the site, and are responsible for maintaining extensions and skins which are used across Brickimedia. Membership in the system administrators group is open to all users with technical abilities who are trusted with back-end access; see System Administrators for more information on membership.


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